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About Our Community

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The 200 River Landing Phase I complex is in a perfect location in relation to Daniel Island and I-526 access.  The complex is the closest condominium to “downtown” stores, restaurants, offices, and the Credit One tennis/concert venue.  In addition, the complex is near the two key Daniel Island arteries that provide quick access to I-526.  And yet, the complex is NOT directly on either of those arteries.  It is located away from traffic and noise on a private street.


The amenities offered at 200 River Landing Phase I include a large pool, pool house, pavilion with a multi-burner BBQ grill and picnic table, and a golf cart charging station.  Adjacent to the grounds is a resident fitness center; a park with fountains; and, the trailheads of the Island’s major walking, running, and biking paths.


Residents at 200 River Landing Phase I are invited and encouraged to participate in a variety of social functions.  Recent activities have included a 4th of July Hot Dog Roast; Wine Tasting; St. Patrick’s Day Celebration; and Halloween Social.  Residents are also invited to participate in special projects where they can leverage their expertise to update and enhance services within the community.


Residents can access their home by using a large capacity elevator in the lobby of each building (except for the two villas).  Unlike many other complexes, there are no steps to navigate (unless you choose to use the stairwells).  And since there is direct access between the lobby and garage, you never have to step outside to move between your car and home.


The 5+ acres at 200 River Landing Phase I are maintained by a professional landscaping company on a weekly basis.  The grounds include 120 trees of different species including magnolias, palms and oaks; numerous shrubs and flowering bushes; and seasonal flowers that are rotated several times a year.  Throughout all the grounds there is lighting to enhance the beauty of the plantings and to provide security.


All the entrances to each building require an electronic passkey that only works for residents of that building.  Entrance to the garage requires an electronic garage door opener.  In addition, there are security cameras in the garages, lobbies, pool, and the ground floor entrances to the elevator.  Because of the security measures undertaken at 200 River Landing Phase I, owners usually receive a discount on their homeowners insurance.


All buildings are equipped with a fire alarm and sprinkler system.  In the ceiling or wall of each room, and on the balcony, there is a heat sensitive sprinkler head. In the ceiling of the garage there is a dry sprinkler system.   Each condo unit is also equipped with a system-wide fire alarm as well as a number of individual smoke detectors.


The 200 River Landing Phase I HOA Board of Directors takes a very conservative approach to budgeting and is always looking for ways to lower costs and to make fiscally responsible decisions.  


The 200 River Landing Phase I Homeowners Association Board of Directors is committed to fiscal responsibility; to being open and inclusive with owners and residents; to addressing issues that impact the community in a timely manner; and, to work diligently to protect property values and facilities.  The Board actively works to maintain/preserve the grounds, building and facilities and to maximize resident enjoyment.


200 River Landing Regime fees are comparable to other homeowner associations on Daniel Island.  However, unlike a number of other HOAs, there are no add-on fees for water, garbage, or common area insurance.  The regime fee at 200 River Landing Phase I covers ALL of the following:

  • Water, sewer, garbage collection and pest control for all residential units.

  • Fire, hurricane, flood and other required insurances for all common areas.

  • The maintenance and repairs of all common areas including the roofs and exteriors of all buildings.

  • The operation, maintenance, and repair of the grounds, garages, pool and fitness center including all common area and grounds lighting/electric costs.

  • The Daniel Island Property Owners Association fee.

  • Security for the buildings and grounds.

  • All tax and regulatory compliance

  • Funding of the reserves for projected renovations and maintenance.



All 200 River Landing Phase I condos are above a secure garage with pass-through ventilation.  These have positive implications from a pest control standpoint and for water/flooding issues.  In addition, unlike many closed garages, the natural ventilation means there is no need for energy consuming, noisy fans that run 24/7.


Your car is both secure and protected from the weather.  Pull up to the garage gate, press your garage door opener, and park in your reserved spot.  Then set into the lobby and you are home.  No need to unload your groceries or packages in the weather – put them in the carts provided in each building and wheel everything to your front door.


No need to fill the closets in your resident with items like holiday decorations that you only use a few weeks each year.  Every home has a storage unit in the garage (usually near your reserved parking spot) that can be secured with a simple padlock.  In addition, there are bicycle racks in each garage for the storage of your bicycle(s).


When you have guests, there is no need to go down to the lobby to let them into the building.  There is a call box at the entrance of each building lobby and all the guest does is look up your name, press a button, and your home or cell phone rings.  You then press “9” on your phone and the lobby door is unlocked for your guest.


While 200 River Landing Phase I is not an age restricted community, the vast majority of owners are empty-nesters.


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